The need of the hour to manage physical meetings

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Meet in person always remain valuable and virtual meetings can never replace it. MEET PASS – is a solution to manage SAFE, SMART, and SECURE physical meetings that matter. The moment you think to gather back again physically, MEET PASS can make it happen.

Best Meeting Scheduling App Meet Pass

Make physical meetings Smart

Meet Pass is one of the latest frameworks offering a safe and effective way to schedule, organize and archive physical meetings. Meet Pass aims at fostering transparency, streamlining enforcement and harmonizing management priorities. Meet Pass, the meeting management application delivers the magic of connecting and communicating.

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Meet, Mingle and Merge in person.

It’s Safe, Smart and Secure. In a global scenario of changes and uncertainty, conducting physical meetings are more challenging than ever but Meet Pass can simply make it happen. Managing a meeting is no longer a time-consuming procedure with Meet Pass because, our meeting intelligence and management solutions got it all covered.

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Best Appointment Scheduling App


We are providing the safest mode of organizing any meeting that has inbuilt options which ensure all criteria of physical meetings are met in terms of security.

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A smart solution to manage all physical meetings in an organization by offering a platform with enhanced features paving way for effective business.

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A secure solution to host and conduct meetings & events without compromising on the accessibility to the organization rather organized in a sustainable way.


Turn your meetings into knowledgeable assets:

Meetings are the heartbeats of business to start anything to everything. We have developed a system that brings together technology, value, and social responsibility to help the company's (physical) meetings grow better every day.


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Are you an Entrepreneur/Business owner who wants to get more involvement over the meetings in your organization? Do you want to get more productivity by making meetings more organized? Get Meet Pass! it is an all-in-one meeting platform that offers a smart solution to schedule, manage and track all your business meetings.

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Best Meeting Management Tools
Meet Pass applications

Meeting Appointment Scheduler Meet Pass has the potential to support physical meetings to the organizations, events and programs. Our modules, add-ons and technology stack can be of great advantage for your organizational needs.

Meet Pass

Meet Pass

Event Registration Software

Event Pass

visitor management system

Residential Pass

car pass

Car Pass

  • Business Meetings
  • Events
  • Job Interviews
  • Appointments
  • Private Companies
  • Business Centers
  • Industrial Areas
  • Residential Compounds
  • Organizations
  • Associations
  • Embassy
  • Government and Semi Government Offices
  • Exhibitions
  • Seminars
  • Trainings
  • Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Cultural Programs
  • Private Functions
  • Institutions
  • Schools
  • Universities

Here is a case study, we can implement Meet Pass to replace the conventional Gate Pass system.

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Change your traditional Gate pass system to Meet Pass

Take a deeper look at the Construction sector, an industry where meeting formalities always interrupt and affect the routine tasks due to increased time to undergo various procedures and approvals. Our smart solution of Meet Pass has the potential to revolutionize this traditional system in various aspects below.

visitor management system

A central system to access all the necessary information about the meetings, attendees and location.

visitor management system app

A digitalized system to secure accessibility and eliminate the traditional procedures of gate pass.

visitor management system

A smarter approach of tracking the visitors and safeguarding the office premise for all your meetings.

Best Meeting Scheduling Tools

Save energy, time, cost and your valuable resources to meet organizational sustainable goals.

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Quick Meetings

corporate meeting management software

Quick Calls

corporate meeting scheduling software

Easy Rules

corporate meeting planner

Stay in control

meeting planning app


appointment reminder app


meeting agenda management

Agenda / MOM

appointment booking application

Easy cancellation

app scheduling appointments

Map Navigation

Appointment Booking Application

User Privileges

meeting appointment scheduler

Excel – Import / Export

meetin task management

Day to Day task

meeting appointment scheduler

Simple Dashboard

appointment scheduling application

QR code access

Mobile App Security Scanner Application

Security Scanner

enterprise meeting software

Enterprise Packages

Entrepreneur’s Benefits
meeting appointment scheduler software

Get your meeting report from the Agenda to its Minutes after every meet – Download a sample report

Meet Pass Solutions

User App

Organization dashboard

Security App

Good News? 92% of meeting attendees still value meetings as an opportunity to collaborate, discuss, and contribute to the organization. The meetings just need to be smart ones. So, let’s change boring to creative, from wasteful to productive! It’s about time we become more thoughtful about how we spend time in every meeting and utilize them to the fullest!

Get your Meet Pass and let’s Meet!

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