Meet in person always remains highly valuable and virtual meetings can never replace it. We found this need and have developed MEET PASS, a solution that makes meetings matter.

To meet up with a person, team or a crowd, Meet Pass is the solution now to make it transpire by fulfilling all the procedures of meetings. Anyone can be invited to the physical meetings through Meet Pass. A quick SMS / Email notification will be received the very next moment and you can start using Meet Pass.

The Meet Pass App is completely free to download. The App will give you all the needed information about your meeting which includes the date, time, location, other participants, meeting’s agenda, and many more. An added feature for both the user and organization would be requesting and allocating Car passes for their meetings. You won’t have to share any documents and no need to write your data on the ledger book. We have got everything covered in the meet pass QR Code. Just show the Meet Pass, get scanned, and get in.

We have also developed a mobile application to scan the MEET PASS of attendees to admit them to the meeting. The attendance will be automatically marked in the organization dashboard. The building owners and securities can safeguard their building premise and track who comes in whenever they want. There is more! Our technology stack has provided a bunch of other perks in the areas of productivity which include Quick Meetings /Follow-up Meetings / MOM / Task Management / Meeting reports / Dedicated links for Meeting requests and Appointments and many more.

The small talk that takes place in person can re-build better communication and go the extra mile. We want to help you share your stories and ideas again in person and to experience the fellowship with your colleagues. We know that online gatherings are the trend but as we move to the new normal and meet in person remains vital and essential, meet pass can make it happen.

Let’s come back to meet, merge and mingle with MEET PASS.


Our Vision is to be the smart customer-centric one-stop solution where anyone can rely on their physical meetings and events.


Our Mission is to provide a technology platform for their physical meetings and gatherings to unlock the potential of the workforce and thus help organizations and communities to thrive and work together effortlessly towards a better tomorrow.


We believe the workplace is as productive and innovative as the people in it. So, we are passionate to create better meeting solutions for the modern environment.

"Success is where preparation and opportunity Meet."

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