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What is Meet Pass?

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Connect your clients and meet them smart

Meet Pass is a central system that manages the complete process of organizational meetings using enhanced features and tools. Using this sole platform, every organizations can connect with their clients by hosting secured physical meetings and keep track of each meeting's detail and have them archived.

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Manage online and Meet in Person

Meet Pass dashboard facilitates a system to manage physical meetings and generating a mobile pass for secure accessibility in the organization. The meeting host can connect both the in-house members and their clients through Meet Pass Application. All the meeting attendees can have an access to meeting specifics such as list of invitees, Agenda, MOM and more in their Meet Pass app.

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What makes Meet Pass Unique?

This multitasking platform can provide smart meeting solutions and a clear visibility of meeting details. From a management perspective, every meetings of the organization can be tracked and make an employee feel important and responsible hence improving productivity. Both the organization dashboard and user app are enriched with a lot of features and tools to manage physical meetings that matter.

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Staying on top of the client's expectations after a meeting can be a huge challenge. With Meet Pass Being able to organize meeting notes and track progress towards the client's goals can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. Our meeting intelligence and management solutions make it easy to accomplish objectives.